Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Z-connector work with all phones and mobile devices?

Because Z-connector installation may be less secure with hard snap-on cases, it is recommended for use on soft silicone cell phone cases. If you do not see your cell phone model and number, contact us, click here.
Contact us about our new Direct z Connect apparatus to use on cell phones without using a a cellphone case (it can also be used on hard snap-on cell phone cases).

Is Z-connector intended for users of all ages?

No, Z-connector is intended for use by men and women ages 18 and older.

Can I customize my chain length?

If the 28" chain length does not work for you we will replace the chain for free*. Please return your new chain in its undamaged original packaging and let us know what length you need. To get your customized chain length Z-connector click here.
*Shipping & Handling is not covered for returns or chain replacement.

Can I get custom upgrades?

Yes. Send us a brief description and your phone number in an email for more information and pricing. Upon design confirmation a 50% deposit is required to have it made. The balance due (including shipping & handling and insurance) must be paid prior to shipping. To get your one-of-a-kind Z-connector click here.

How did the Z-connector get its name?

Both the idea and moniker for Z-connector were inspired by a businessman named Zero, who had his new smart phone stolen one week after purchase. The Z-connector is the brainchild of his loving (and ever-helpful) mother, who naturally named it in his honor.

What if I am not satisfied with my Z-connector?

We have taken great care in developing Z-connector. However, if it does not perform to your satisfaction, you may be entitled to a replacement or a refund (excluding shipping and handling cost). Simply mail the complete undamaged packaging and product back to us within 30 days of purchase, including a dated sales receipt. Damage due to improper care or normal wear is not covered by the guarantee. For complete terms and conditions of our refund policy, click here.

Send returns to:

Z Connector LLC

PO Box 331787

Miami, FL 33233

Can I buy individual Z-connector components?

Please email us regarding any individual part you may need for your Z-connector. In your email please send us a detailed description of the part you need and pricing will be quoted and confirmed. For inquiries click here.

Installing your Direct z Connect apparatus

Unlike the Z-connector package that contains: a cell phone case, the connector apparatus, a designer chain, and two fasteners. The Z-connector packaging for the Direct z Connect contains: a Direct z Connect apparatus with its adhesive pad attached, a designer chain, and two fasteners. A cell phone case is not included in the Direct z Connect packaging.

Warning: Do not use the Direct z Connect product on any Oleophopic coated glass back plate surface. As the Oleophopic coating on the glass back plate prevents our adhesive from sticking properly on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s. Please consider using our Z-connector product with its protective phone case.

When installing Direct z Connect directly onto the surface of the cell phone body or to the body of any small hand-held electronic device; first, clean and dry the surface area of the cover with a mild cleaner (removing all dirt and oily residue).

Next, one inch from the device's edge (i.e., bottom, top, or sides) lightly mark your desired placement on the surface with a marker. Peel off the protective cover of the adhesive pad located on the back of the Direct z Connect apparatus. Position the apparatus over your mark and press firmly. It is advised to allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive to bond completely.

To remove your Direct z Connect apparatus.

All you need is a six inch piece of dental floss. Wrap the floss tightly around the adhesive base where it is in contact with your device's surface. Firmly pull the floss under the adhesive removing the apparatus from the device body. Any residual adhesive can be removed by rubbing with a cloth.