Why Z-connector?

Did you know that more than 25% of all phones in the United States get lost, broken, or damaged every year, and approximately 50% of all insurance claims are the result of lost or stolen mobile phone devices?* Most likely you do—because either you or someone you know has experienced the inconvenience and frustration first-hand.
Tarter, Steve. Journal Star (Peoria, IL), May 28, 2006.
2) Advanced Wireless Solutions— a software firm based in Burbank, CA

3) MicroTrax, a Micro Dot manufacturing company based in Anaheim, CA

The Z-connector is an easy and stylish way for men and women to eliminate the stress and separation anxiety associated with lost, stolen, or damaged hand-held devices, while keeping them accessible at all times. Part security system, part fashion statement, it allows you to connect your cell phone, smartphone, iPod or gaming device directly to your clothing, purse, briefcase, or bookbag guaranteeing you’ll always Stay Connected™.

Direct z Connect is the Z-connector attachment apparatus that is specifically for individuals who prefer to connect directly to their Smartphones without using a cell phone case. It is also for those who use hard cases, snap-on cases, have a "slide" model cell phone, flip-phone model, game devices, or any other small hand-held electronic devices. The Direct z Connect adheres onto the cell phone body and is held in place with a powerful non-permanent 100 lb. bonding strength adhesive. Direct z Connect can be easily removed from a device's surface with no damaging effect by using a small piece of dental floss and can be reapplied to another device. However, multiple uses of the initial adhesive pad is not recommended. When necessary, contact us for additional adhesive pads. It's just that simple to "Get Connected and Stay Connected."

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